View Full Version : New characters on GH

5.16.13, 10:57 PM
Starr is back as "KiKi".. kind of a little rip. Hair color is very brown.
John is a Doctor.. didn't catch new name. No facial hair.. hair slicked back in a tiny pony tail.. kind of geeky.
Todd is creeping around.. hair much lighter.. haven't figured out who or what he is up to.

All weird.

5.17.13, 2:02 AM
That is just strange. Wonder how they explained the original characters being gone now?

5.17.13, 9:05 PM
Todd went back to Llanview to see his kids. John flew off to see Liam.. Starr went to California to make music with her friends.. dumped GH boyfriend.

5.18.13, 2:22 PM
If John's going to see Liam, will we see him on OLTL? Just wondering aloud.