View Full Version : Not dead... yet

5.16.13, 12:15 AM
Well that was a surprise ! I don't know guys.. this show is not making me a fan.

The scenes today with Dani and Matthew wallowing around and all the sexy shots are just pointless. Then even our beloved Bo spouts off a few #$%&*&^&!
Geez !

I have yet to see Starr or John .. wonder how they are going to kill them off.

5.16.13, 12:49 AM
Maybe Todd isn't going to die. I'm so sick of the cussing and the sexual crap. I had no idea that it would be this explicit by being on the internet. I didn't watch any of the Dani/Matthew scenes. I'm not liking this Matthew at all and I hate what they have turned Dani into. That being said, I think I will like the Destiny/Jeffrey pairing. Destiny is too good for Matthew.

5.16.13, 11:52 AM
Since "they" own the character of Todd.. why didn't they just have the guy who plays Victor be Todd ? Then they could leave Victor dead. Seems like they made this harder than needed... and it looks like Victor is leaving anyway.

5.17.13, 10:37 AM
So Victor was only back temporarily? I'm confused.

5.17.13, 10:06 PM
I was assuming he was gone.. since he left town saying he didn't know when he'd be back.

5.18.13, 3:01 AM
I do know that Trevor has been busy acting in several movies. He may already have prior commitments he needs to finish and then hopefully, come back to OLTL.

5.18.13, 12:19 PM
Maybe he'll come back to find their baby (which I'm hoping is still alive somewhere). Even before on the old show, I got bored with Todd & Victor's never ending hatred towards each other. I kept waiting for them to move past it and just be frenemies (like Dorian and Viki). It was more fun when they were just bickering, rather than outright trying to kill each other. It kind of limits the storyline, yanno?