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5.12.13, 12:26 AM
I kinda like the new Matthew. Not liking his attitude about his kid, but I did love Cliff's smackdown about it. Cliff alluded to having been through the same thing and I'm assuming he meant Rex. I wonder if/when they will address Rex, Gigi and Shane. Wish they were back as well. I'd gladly trade Rama and Vimal for them. Never could stand Rama, and what's the point of this open marriage thing?

Explain again which kids are Victor's? Sam and Dani, right? I could've sworn Jack called him dad. Maybe I heard wrong.

Anyone else finding it difficult to find the time to sit and watch the shows on the computer? I miss sitting on the couch watching on my DVR and skipping all the commercials. I don't have an Ipod or anything like that. I have an old fashioned cell phone that I rarely use. Besides, I don't know how people can use their phones for TV and Facebook when everything is so small. I need BIG screens that I can see :blush2ey:

I think I heard that with Hulu Plus you can watch it on your TV, so I'm going to look into that. $7 or $8 a month wouldn't be too bad. Wonder if the commercials go away too?

5.12.13, 12:33 PM
I'm watching the show on my lunch break. It's perfect since I normally eat my lunch at my desk. I just close my door or put on my headphones and enjoy. If I had to watch it at home, I'd probably find it more difficult. I do believe that with Hulu plus you can skip commercials.

Sam is Victor's only child. The other three belong to Todd. I thought that Dani would have been his, but she was conceived by Todd. Jack cannot except Todd as his father and still considers Victor his dad. Dani too, but she's using Todd to get what she wants.

I wasn't too sure about these new youngsters at first, but Matthew is growing on me and Destiny still seems to have a good head on her shoulders. I really like Jeffery. Rama and Vimal? Sheesh! Waste of airtime.

5.12.13, 8:07 PM
Thanks! I forgot the kids were still bonded to Victor. Good idea about lunch hours. After I move I won't be running home every day to let the dog out, so I'll start watching it then. Are you watching the wrap up show too? I like the faster paced writing and how they're staying true to the characters. Dorian is already scheming, heh! I'd love it if Jessica would come back. I'm sure the other actors have other commitments, but hey, maybe if the show takes off more will come back!

5.12.13, 11:57 PM
I didn't watch the wrap up show yet, but I did last week. I'm also thinking that if it takes off and does well, others will be lured back. I'm still so bummed that Starr and John won't be back at all. Wonder if they'll ever revisit the "Buenos Dias Cafe," "Foxie Roxie's," or Renee's hotel?

5.15.13, 9:04 AM
I'm still watching.. but can't stand the nightclub scenes..or Rama and Vimal. I, also, do not like the language.. especially yesterday when little Sam ripped one off.

I've had trouble hearing so resorted to headphones yesterday and that was good.

I did not like what happened yesterday with Victor and Todd. Horrible, cruel, sad ending to one of my favorite all time soap characters.

I'm a little on the fence about the show.

5.15.13, 11:45 AM
The language is really getting on my nerves and I agree, Sam swearing was a bit much. I absolutely hate what they have done to Dani and that new little Starr-look-alike singer... yuck! If they think that is good music, they need a hearing aid.

I hope this show makes it and we see more of the old flavor of the show. I'm not happy with the Victor/Todd story either. They should have just had Todd leave town again instead of Victor and left him alive.

5.15.13, 9:10 PM
I agree about the language. When Blair overheard the boys talking about the video game and mistook it as sex talk, I thought that was unnecessary. That flashback Tea had of her and Victor together was practically porn. In their efforts to attract a younger audience, they may alienate their older, devoted fans.