View Full Version : Opinion ?

4.30.13, 3:50 PM
I know they are just getting started but do the scenes seem jumpy ? Is it Hulu ? My computer ?

4.30.13, 5:47 PM
I've not had any trouble viewing the show so far. Everything has been crystal clear. (Keeping fingers crossed that it stays this way) :pinkyz:

5.3.13, 9:48 AM
I don't notice any jumping on mine. I'm not real techhy but maybe check your flash plug-in? What browser do you use? I use Firefox and had a problem watching videos for a while. Never did figure it out, but when I downloaded the newer version it straightened out.

My problem is the sound. I have good speakers, but my hearing is not the best. When they were talking in the club I had a hard time hearing over the music. Victor mumbles and I couldn't hear half of what he said. When I watched it on TV I used closed-caption, so I'm missing that.