View Full Version : Are We Ready for Monday?

4.26.13, 1:37 PM
I can hardly wait for the show to debut on Monday. I follow Melissa Archer on Facebook and she said that we can start viewing OLTL at 5am Eastern on Monday morning. I think this will work for me to catch the show nearly everyday online since it will only be 30 minutes for 4 days per week. So, even if I miss, it won't take up that much time to catch up. After this long drought, I'm happy with whatever length of show they will give us.

4.29.13, 11:56 AM
I just watched the first episode ... what a surprise at the end !

I am so torn about Todd, John and Starr. I love(d) them on GH .. but they are so right here.

Wasn't it great to see our old fav's ?

4.29.13, 1:28 PM
I'm going to watch during my lunch hour. I can't wait. Agreed. Todd, John and Starr belong in Llanview!

4.29.13, 4:49 PM
What a treat to see the show again. I loved seeing the regulars and YES, the surprise at the end was fantastic.

I'll write my thoughts and then lighten them until we hear from Tina... don't want to ruin it for her...

What happened to Dani? Oh my! I hate that she's a druggie now. I guess we'll know why as the show goes on. I'm not sure how I feel about the new Destiny. She's such a 180 degree turn from our beloved sensible Destiny. I guess time will tell as to whether the viewers accept her or not. I miss "Little D" though.

I'm hoping that we don't have to spend too much time at the new nightclub though. Wonder why they made it this way when the club belongs to Blair? She's out of her element here. Probably trying to bring in younger viewers.

And OMG! The ending. My dream come true... hehehehe!

4.30.13, 5:48 PM
They sure do like to say s*it alot on this show now. Sheesh! :rolleyez:

5.3.13, 9:38 AM
Hi girls! Ugggh, crazy week. Selling my house, looking for a new one, so today is the first chance I've had to watch the show. So far I've only watched the 1st two eps, but I wanted to chime in. I kinda like that they jumped right in without any prelude or anything. I love that the very first scene was of Viki & Clint, and the house looking just like I remember. Felt so homey and familiar. It's weird seeing a new Matthew & Destiny. They are good actors though, just missing the old ones. So far I'm not liking that Matthew is more preoccupied with Dani than his own kid! Definitely looks like they will be appealing to a younger audience. That one scene in the club where Dani stumbled in on that couple... holy porno Batman!

Still getting used to Hulu. I thought there wouldn't be commercials? Seems like every time I rewind or go forward I get a slew of commercials. Guess I'll have to use that time to do a chore or something.

VICTOR!!! That made me the happiest of all! :blush2ey:

More later when I've watched the rest. Don't feel like you have to hold back on my account. I'll stay away from the threads until I've watched. Just sooo happy it's back!