View Full Version : Anti-porn "Family" political orgs want skin mags out of PX's.

11.8.07, 9:49 AM
Some busy-body, know-it-all anti-porn groups are banding together to get Congress to ban the likes of Playboy (http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/opinion/sfl-editgsplayboycapnbnov07,0,5449260.story)from U.S. military stores -- including those in overseas postings like Afghanistan, Iraq and ships in the Persian Gulf.

This makes me so mad in so many ways that I can hardly stand it. These self-named "christian family values" groups should really go back their tent meetings and leave the rest of us alone.

For Heaven's sake; let the soldiers and sailors read whatever it is that they need to get them through their duty. After all; they are defending our American right to read whatever we want.

11.9.07, 7:01 AM
I guess there are two or more points that may have issue with porn magazines being sold on or off-base to military.

One will be that families on base to buy from the PX that they feel uncomfortable with a general store situation where their kids may be looking for kid friendly books, etc, where magazine are often kept, too...and those moms/dads bringing their kids to shop at the PX or BX don't need to have to explain why there all magazines with half-clothed, or less "WOMEN" are on some and there is no nursing baby.

I say "WOMEN", cause the vast majority of these types of magazines are only meant to titilate men and exploit women who do it for money.

The second part will be that some men, military or otherwise, receive some gratitification in some way from looking at these magazines.

Ban the magazines? Nope, just do as they have done time and time again...circumstances determines the venue. In a forum where children may be present.....the magazines should be covered to hide "T@t's, Tw@t's and A@@es" in PX/BX's...what is done ortherwise is fine with me.