View Full Version : OLTL "First Look" on Hulu

4.13.13, 12:01 AM
Did anyone check this out? Yowsa, looks like this might be a bit racier than the ABC show. Who was that groping Natalie? I really need to watch the finale again. I can't even remember who Dani's boyfriend was. He looks familiar. :p

4.21.13, 7:44 AM
I didn't know it was available.. I will try to see it. I am not keeping up with things.. hope I can figure it out. I don't remember Dani having a boyfriend... and I think I finally deleted the last episode from my DVR.

The fight between ABC and Prospect Park is certainly getting some publicity on the soap sites.

4.21.13, 9:46 PM
It's just a quickie preview, moved pretty fast. I finally remembered who Dani's boyfriend was - Nate! I really need a refresher before the show starts :)

4.22.13, 2:43 PM
Wow! One more week and I can't wait. The guy with Natalie looks like Cutter Wentworth (is that his name? hehehe!) Wonder how that happens? And I believe the guy with Dani is Matthew Buchanan. Whoa!

4.22.13, 8:17 PM
Cutter! You're right. Matthew and Dani, wow - poor Destiny... again. Can't wait for this!

4.23.13, 12:29 AM
Do any of you know where Pink Flamingo is? Wish she'd come back too.