View Full Version : Caravan has come out with a great family car

11.7.07, 3:02 PM
Has anyone seen the new Dodge Caravan? I saw a promotional contest on The View and I did some research. It has some features that the kids would love like TVs and a DVD player that streams SIRIUS tv (Nick, Cartoon Network and Disney) and it has swivel seats so the kids can face each other instead of twisting and turning to talk to whoever is behind them and a removable table so that they can play games or eat at the table (it says the fabric is odor and stain resistant). Has anybody else seen this minivan? I really think it's one of the best minivans out there--especially for the price.

11.7.07, 3:48 PM
I haven't heard about this yet, it sounds great! The next time I have to get a new car I will probably get a van so it's great to hear there are so many options.

11.7.07, 4:58 PM
Yeah it's pretty cool. I live in Washington DC and sometimes the city traffic makes me an unwilling participant of real-life bumper cars! lol. And i've read that the it has great safety features. I lined it up to competitors features and the Caravan is definitely seeming like the more reliable choice.