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3.11.13, 3:10 PM
I just read on facebook that OLTL will return on April 29 at 12pm. Can't wait. I saw that they recast Matthew and Destiny. Not too happy about that one. The new Destiny is a skinny thang, I loved the girl who originated the role.

3.18.13, 9:52 AM
Can't wait either. Who are some of these people ? Where's Nora ?

3.18.13, 1:30 PM
I believe the black girl next to Viki is the new Destiny and the boy in the red pants is the new Matthew. There were several different shots and Nora was in one with Bo and Matthew. Not sure why they had to dress them like hookers for this... LOL!

3.20.13, 4:40 PM
Hold the phone ! Do I have to pay to watch OL online ?

3.20.13, 5:14 PM
Hulu says it's free. Here's a link that talks about it and also shows a trailer for the debut.

3.23.13, 7:32 AM
Thanks ! I signed up for the free Hulu. I figure I already pay too much to watch TV.. glad I'll be able to watch OL free. I hope I can figure it out.http://www.coffeerooms.com/bb/images/smilies/upsideq.gif I am getting awfully old.

I'm wondering what will happen with Todd, Starr and John ? They all have major roles on Gen Hosp now. This week they all had to "leave town". AND they all are just beginning hot new romances. Are they under contract to GH..just visiting OL or is it the other way ?

I hope a few of the regulars come back to post here. I think there was only 4 or 5 of us left. Still a good group.

3.23.13, 12:36 PM
I had read that Todd, Starr and John would be allowed to make appearances on OLTL. I think they are vital to OL and at least need to be on in the beginning. I am so curious to see what they do with John and Natalie. Have they ever explained that on GH?

3.23.13, 9:21 PM
Todd found out John kissed a gal on GH.. spilled the beans to Natalie. Clint convinced Nat that John was bad news so she moved to London and took Liam. John hasn't been able to get through Clint's lawyers to even see Liam.

3.23.13, 10:44 PM
Oh, okay. I bet they'll address this on the new OL. At least I hope they do.

3.25.13, 9:09 PM
Ooh, I missed this thread. Thanks for the info, I was worried I'd have to pay to subscribe also, so this is good news. I had read about the new Destiny & Matthew. I wonder why the originals didn't sign on, or were they not asked? Too bad, I loved Destiny and felt what made her lovable was that she was a "real" girl with a sweet demeanor. Now she looks like a model. Is that Jack next to her? He's one character & actor I would be happy never to see again. Ugh. I may have lots of questions about the GH people. And I agree that the photo makes them look like hookers! :p

3.25.13, 11:58 PM
There was a picture on facebook today showing Roger on the set. So, we know that Todd will be back on for a bit. I'm just so curious as to what they will do about Trevor St. John and the last scene of Victor being alive. I so hope TSJ comes back at some point.

3.26.13, 9:10 AM
Will General Hospital fans accept Michael Easton, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson in brand new roles? They might have to!

Multiple sources tell TV Guide Magazine that the trio of former One Life to Live stars — who've been embroiled in a tug-of-war between ABC and Prospect Park, the company that's producing the upcoming OLTL reboot — will soon return to GH after being forced to vacate the show for several weeks.

But here's the kicker: It seems we'll no longer see Easton as John McBain, ditto Howarth as Todd Manning or Alderson as Todd's daughter Starr. ABC doesn't want to risk any more legal entanglements with Prospect Park, which currently owns the rights to all OLTL characters, and the only way to do that is to have the three stars play characters that in no way resemble the current ones. Word is, GH head writer Ron Carlivati is devising some clever ways to work around the headache, even though John, Todd and Starr are now tightly woven into Port Charles society and all three are involved in blooming romances.

"Prospect Park has been extremely difficult to deal with on this issue so GH basically said, 'Screw it! We'll create all new characters!'" notes one source privy to the situation. "It's the only way GH can get past the problem and get on with business."

Neither GH nor ABC will confirm this wild development, but no one's denying it, either. "I can't really comment for legal reasons," says GH exec producer Frank Valentini. "It's not like I'm trying to keep a secret. [ABC] doesn't want me to say anything." We also asked ABC Daytime chief Vicki Dummer to comment on the matter but she only coughed up a cryptic, "All I can really say right now is...stay tuned."

Waiting for the fur to stop flying "has been crazy," says Thom Racina, one of the head writers of the new OLTL. "First it was, 'Yes, we have these actors,' then it was, 'No, we don't have them.' I don't know that any show has ever gone through this kind of thing before. It's a very unique situation what with all these legal issues between the [two parties] but we came out of it very happily. You'll see."

We have no doubt that Carlivati —whose work on GH has been simply stellar — is the perfect guy to pull off this magic trick. Besides, if we soap fans can accept evil twins and peeps coming back from the dead, we can certainly get past a few sudden identity changes, right?

"I think it's going to turn out well for everybody," Racina says of the brouhaha. "The soap audience, as we know, is very forgiving."

Hmmm .. interesting.. eh ? copied from a GH site.

3.27.13, 11:32 PM
So let me get this straight: They're still on GH with no plans to leave the show, but they can no longer play their characters because those characters legally belong to OLTL? Okayyy :freako:

3.28.13, 12:13 AM
I know, it makes no sense and I think it's dumb on GH's part. How on earth are they going to explain these 3 as different characters?

3.29.13, 6:28 PM
They are all ( especially Starr) involved in a love story. How this will be addressed is beyond my imagination.