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3.6.13, 5:58 PM
1*|*2 3*|*4 5*|*6 No, I’m not from Texas. ATs just*received*word that he is booked to play a great part in a new musical… but it’s in Dallas for 2 months. Trying hard to see the bright side, figured I’d dedicate today’s Etsy Wednesday to Texas, even though I’m quietly shaking my fist. As I was [...]

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3.6.13, 7:05 PM
Congrats, sounds like a great opportunity! Texas is Definately its own Unique State :) My daughter lives in Austin, which is much more "blue" than the rest of Texas, and yet even there, the natives think TEXAS is THE MOST FANTASTIC state of any in the USA! I dont get it! They refuse to think that any other state has any thing to offer. All they can talk about is "Texas this, and Texas that"...I end up rolling my eyes. I have lived all over the USA & find each state interesting with different things to offer...I was born in Atlanta, GA, but moved to Charlotte, NC, then to Hampton Falls, NH(Where we lived in a Revolutionary War era house, so neat!), then to Long Island, then to Ohio, where we ended up staying after my father died, and I was proud to attend The Ohio State University & I'm a proud Buckeye:) Then when married, hubby & I moved to Torrance, California, then back to Long Island, then to Hollywood, FLA, then on to Louisville, KY, then back to Ohio, then finally we ended up in Indianapolis, which is where we have been for almost 20 years. Each community has its own 'vibe" and interesting things to do(altho my daughters thot Indy was 'boring" and ended up in Austin & in Denver).
So Good Luck with your stay in Texas & be sure to take in all the interesting local activities.