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2.6.13, 10:23 PM
Is anyone watching this show?
I'd be particularly interested in Oda's take on it, if she watches, since she works on Broadway.

2.7.13, 1:53 PM
I personally enjoy this show, the music is fun, it has 'soapy" elements...I know a lot of people on different fan sites love to "Hate-watch" this show...I dont understand why they Hate it So much?! Lots of Hate for Katherine McPheever, but I happen to like both her character of Karen & Megan Hilty as Ivy. Karen is supposed to be the naive young starlet & Ivy has more experience. I'm glad they got rid of some of the irrelevant characters like Dev(the political Boyfriend)&Julia's annoying son & husband. I enjoyed Jennifer Hudson's performance on the 1st week & I get a kick out of Angelica Huston's character with her ex-husband. Tom&Julia are a good pair. Derrick's a sleaszy guy but interesting. So, I find it an interesting hour to relax to on Tuesday nights.

2.7.13, 3:03 PM
I am not a Katharine McPhee fan.
I don't think she is nearly as talented as Megan Hilty, and yet the whole show seems to revolve around the character of Karen.
And McPhee's singing is featured 3:1 over Hilty's.
Let's hope Dev and Leo are back burnered, it's only the first two episodes.
And let's hope that Julia listens to Tom and quits with the eternal scarf wearing.
(Women everywhere, take note. THIS MEANS YOU TOO.)
I like the show, in a soapy way, and I am curious where the story will go this season.

2.7.13, 4:57 PM
LOL over Julia's scarf wearing, it was a running theme on a lot of fan sites...apparently the new producers were aware of the scarf comments and thus had Tom tell Julia 'get rid of the scarf"...they were listening to the fans. I wear a scarf when its cold, but otherwise it drives me crazy to have something wrapped around my neck, so I never have the 'cute scarves" that so many people wear now.

2.7.13, 5:24 PM
Some women get hold of a fashion statement and beat it right into the ground.