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1.7.13, 4:56 PM
Hey OLTL peeps! I'd given up hope on this! Could it be??? I haven't been watching GH at all, but I'm guessing the characters have gone in very different directions. Wonder how this will work. I'm excited to find out!


1.11.13, 1:48 PM
It's for real! :sing: :cloud9:

2.2.13, 6:40 PM
Guess I'm just talking to myself, but hey, it's a fun conversation so why stop now? :upsideq: Here are more tidbits on OLTL coming back!


2.5.13, 3:52 PM
I'm pretty excited about this news ! I see some old favorite characters will be on board. Is this to be a daily hour show ?


2.6.13, 10:37 PM
Hi Ladies! I've missed you. I'm on Coffeerooms everyday on the Pier and how on earth have I missed Tina's posts? So sorry! But, I am THRILLED about the news of OLTL coming back. Yippee! I have a brand new computer that doesn't crash while watching Hulu, so I'm ready... let the shows begin!! I just read that GH will "share" the characters with OLTL. I wonder how they are going to explain John and Natalie? It will be so good to have the show back.

Judy, I think I read on facebook that the show will be 30 minutes. But hey, that's 30 minutes more than we've had this last year.

2.7.13, 10:47 AM
LOL, I haven't checked the board in a long time either. Since I don't watch GH there wasn't much to say. I'm so excited about the news! I'd hoped and dreamed that Another World would somehow get ressurected, so maybe I'm just transferring my feelings, lol. True, the show won't be as long, but I also heard there'll be no commercials so I don't think the content will be that much less. I hope they give us some kind of review because I'm fuzzy on how the show left off. I hope Shawn & Destiny come back but I could live without the Patel family.

2.7.13, 2:24 PM
I used to record OLTL and could watch in about 45 minutes by ff through commercials. So , we'll lose about 15 minutes, which is not bad. This news just makes me so happy. You'd think none of had lives our our own... hehehe!

2.14.13, 2:09 PM
Best perk is we will have our OL board back to gripe and applaud our favorite characters. I think we ended up with only 5 or 6 here. Good to see familiar names again.

Is cowboy Clint coming along ?:cowboy:

2.14.13, 3:27 PM
Hi Judy! I believe Cowboy Clint is coming back. I'm really curious how they are going to write the John and Nat story since she'll be back and he's now on GH. Should be interesting. I'm also hoping they will follow-up with the "Victor" (Trevor St. John) story of him still being alive. I would love for Trevor to come back.

2.14.13, 11:09 PM
So let's see... how did things leave off?

Victor was shown alive and tied up in bed with the crazy lady... what's her name?
Destiny had her baby.
Cole showed up.

That's all I can remember! Sheesh, my memory has gone down the drain.

A little help?

2.15.13, 12:46 PM
I can't think of that woman's name now either.

Destiny had the baby, but I've not seen that she or Matthew will be back. Bo and Nora will be though. Cole did show up, but he and Hope are now dead. They were killed in a car crash that brought Starr to General Hospital.

All I know, is that I'm glad David Vickers (the human not the dog) will be back!

2.15.13, 2:37 PM
Wow, Cole and Hope are dead? Was it left questionable so they can re-emerge at some point? I wonder if some actors are holding back til they see how this works out. I'm curious to know if they had to take a big pay cut or not. I'm sure to many, less pay is better than unemployment. :winkq:

Yay on David! I'd love to see Roxy come back too. They both added so much fun to the show.

Allison Perkins! whew...

2.15.13, 2:45 PM
Allison Perkins!!! Thank you, it was driving me crazy. No, Cole and Hope's bodies were both in the car. But, you know soaps, they could be alive even though their bodies were recovered. Victor (Todd's) body was shown dead too and he's alive.

Here are two articles from Kassie DePaiva...


I'm really getting excited about this... or should I say, MORE excited.

2.17.13, 7:55 PM
Thanks Kris, this makes it real. I can't wait!