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11.4.07, 1:48 AM
lol, I love the show house......but yes, it's not lupus for me. After years and years of going back and forth with doctors - I finally came across a very educated well thought out, well mannered doctor who knows his stuff. Totally explains stuff and why so many doctors wavered on weather or not I have lupus. I definetly don't - I have a rare illness called Still's Disease. Has it changed anything? Nope, body still feels the same.....lol.....I just have a different name for why I feel the way that I do. lol.......

11.4.07, 1:37 PM
Paxie, it's great to see you! How's the family? Cole must be 5 or 6 by now... shocking!

Stills, eh. I've never heard of this one. Is it any more controlable than lupus? Same meds (or lack of)?

I'm so glad you found your way over here, I've missed seeing you.

PS- Love the House reference :)

11.12.07, 12:17 AM
Hey Annie (((hugs))) It's always great to come across you!!

Cole is 6 and Alyssa is 2.5 now!! They are great - and sure do give me a run for my money..lol..

Stills - not at all common, not even my regular doctor has heard about it. Ok with me really. It hasnt changed my life at all so I'm not bothered by it. My Rheum said he didnt know it until he retired from the Army and had time to READ up on stuff..lol... Same meds (plaquniel)...he has high hopes, it seems to shorten the duration of a flare up, but I still get them often. Tears up my tummy though unless I totally over eat before taking it.

Thanks for asking hon - what's new with you?!! :D

11.11.08, 1:02 AM
I find it insensitive for you to advertise on posts where people are talking about their serious health issues - especially ones where a company is trying to make money off individuals who are hurting. Please allow me to be clear - NO THANK YOU. I will continue to report this SPAM to the board owners. I appreciate it if you do not do it again and suggest you avoid this section as I am protective of those with lupus and other autoimmune illnesses.