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11.2.07, 10:30 PM
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Writers Strike Update
On Thursday night, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers were unable to come to terms. If no agreement is reached on issues such as residuals and distribution of shows then writers are expected to go on strike starting Monday. What will this mean for daytime? Soap operas have been working to stockpile at least several weeks' worth of scripts in anticipation of a potential strike. The last writers' strike, in 1988, which ran for five months, did not result in a hiatus for soaps, however, without experienced script writers many suffered in quality. At first most stories were dragged out for as long as possible, then plots lurched forward that did not leave shows in the best of shape. This strike hits soap operas harder than other TV shows because prime-time shows can run repeats and daytime cannot. As GH Head Writer Robert Guza, Jr. said to Digest in the 11/6 issue, "There is definitely concern for how daytime would survive a long-lasting strike."

11.5.07, 6:13 PM
I read that almost all the soaps (Passions was the only one not listed) have scripts that are already written that would take them through the beginning of January. I'm not sure how much the strike would affect the soaps because I don't believe it will last that long, although anything is possible.