View Full Version : NBC/DTV Sneak Peeks for Week of 11/5

11.2.07, 4:31 PM
Sneak Peeks
Monday, November 5
Gwen attacks Eve.
Fancy catches Luis and Sheridan making love.
Vincent makes a shocking discovery.

Tuesday, November 6
Gwen and Ethan are furious with a drunken Eve.
Esme pushes Fancy to fight for her man.
Endora and Tabitha are reunited!

Wednesday, November 7
Theresa slaps Pilar!
Fancy is devastated when Luis leaves her to meet Sheridan.
Tabitha targets Spike for her next evil spell.

Thursday, November 8
Eve faces the hospital review board.
Gwen blames Theresa for Baby Jonathanís poisoning.
Pilarís guilt is destroying her.

VCR Alerts
Monday, November 12
Noah and Paloma share a special date at the Blue Note.

Wednesday, November 15
Ethan shocked by what Theresa has done.