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10.12.12, 12:36 PM
I watched GH last night on Soapnet after Days and saw that Tea is now on there. Soon, half of Llanview will be on the show... I wish. Looks like her baby, Victor Jr. was kidnapped and Todd is involved with it. But, I think the baby that they have is Sam's. And for the first time, I heard John McBain mention how much he misses Liam. Not mention of Natalie. I still hate that they are not together.

5.3.13, 9:02 PM
So I watched Tea & Victor's conversation about the baby and then I saw this post, so I'm bringing it up again. Can you recap what happened on GH with the baby? From what I can gather, Tea went in labor and Todd drove her to the hospital, the baby died, so Todd switched it with another. I take it she figured it out at some point and gave it back to whoever Sam is on GH? Did Todd get away with it?

I bet the baby is still alive and Victor will find it. These two are gonna be worse enemies than ever. I'm loving this storyline already!

5.3.13, 10:56 PM
Maybe Judy can shed more light on this since I think she watches GH. But, from the episodes I saw, Todd switched Victor Jr. and Sam's (Kelly Monaco) baby. When I saw Tea on the show she was there because Victor Jr had been kidnapped. It was revealed not long after that that he was really Sam's baby. Hopefully, Judy can give you a better recap. I'm not sure how Todd got out of that one.