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11.1.07, 3:33 PM
We've all been complaining about the "writing" on DOOL and the effects have been many faithful viewers tuning out. So, if WE wrote for DAYS, what would you like to see and what would keep you tuned in?

I'll go first. My pick for now: SAMI & co.

Ok, I always wanted Sami to lay off of John and grow up. Stop being such a bitch and get a "real" life. Be a good person, good mother and atleast be nice to anyone crazy enough to marry her. Well, all of that happened and SAMI became boring. Now I'm wishing a glimpse of the old Sami would emerge and show some spunk instead of running scared.

My idea: It's absolutely tragic for anyone to lose a child. ( Thank God in soaps it isn't real). Now that paternity on John Roman has been determined and E.J. is the father, what if during the controversial process of retrieving stem cells from Baby Roberts, things turn tragic? Stephano is saved but we lose J.R. in the process. Yes, Stephano is powerful and vengeful but I would love to see the DiMeras experience a hellraising Samantha Gene Roberts like they never have before. I also think this would be a great challenge for Allison Sweeney.

For Sami to make the sacrifices she's made: Give up her marriage to Lucas after it took so long to finally walk down the aisle for real. Marry E.J. ( who raped her and impregnated her), her step father dies in a horrible car accident and then to have inadvertently saved Stephano's life while her baby boy dies as a result?

I may be over the top but hey, can you see the possibilites with this story line? Sami would be pushed beyond the point of no return. We know HOW she used to be, and if this story happened, we could see something far worse directed towards any and every DiMera.

Just a thought.
Please share you thoughts on what you'd like to see on DAYS.

11.2.07, 5:27 PM
Ok, Stephanie was raped. She hasn't reported it. I can only think she didn't report it because she feels she deserves it in some way. She may feel that her behavior warranted what happened to her. Sort of like the way she accepted how Jeremy treated her, like it was ok because she made him treat her like that.

I'm sure this story line is designed to bring Stephanie closer to Max. I do NOT want these 2 together. I hope that once Max finds out what happened he will be a good supportive "friend" to her. I actually like Morgan and Max together and I hope they explore that more.

11.14.07, 11:50 AM
Ok, more of the ridiculous but if the writers want Belle & Phillip together, then do it already! As many have stated in previous posts, this should happen. Shawn will get a new woman in his life, things will go extrememly well for the two, Chloe will return only to stir up old feelings in Phillip, who will drop Belle like a box of hot rocks, with the hopes of a romantic reunion with Chloe. And where will Belle be?? ALONE!! With no one to blame but herself! Belle will eventually hit rock bottom and Shawn will ask for sole custody of Claire. Wow, almost sounds like the Brittney/K-Fed never-ending saga.

11.14.07, 12:04 PM
I just don't know how they can save this despicable sl. Now that we have the farce of a marriage I want Sami to torture the Demiras. But they have ruined Lumi and alienated so many fans by having Sami marry EJ and hinting that she might fall for him is pushing many more away.

11.14.07, 12:06 PM
( Just a thought folks) Make Anna the one who shot EJ. Why? ( Remember the mysterious attendee dressed in black, wearing a veil over her face at the wedding?) Because she hates Stephano. For months now she has watched Stephano & EJ get away with too much. Killing John broke her heart and she, in no way has forgiven Stephano for treating Tony the way he did for years. She feels he doesn't deserve to have anyone loyal to him. Especially a son like EJ. Lets say Marlena is the one dressed in black wearing the veil. Marlena has every intention to shoot EJ, she came prepared to do just that. She wanted to see if Sami would really go through with the wedding first. Of course behind the curtains of the Church are 3 other people there who want to kill EJ as well. None of them knows who the mysterious woman at the wedding is. Marlena pulls out her gun, but is unable to pull the trigger. Anna, behind one of the curtains see's this, she pulls out her gun and in a moment of complete sanity, she decides to do what no one else seems brave enough to do, she pulls the trigger at the same time the others do. She flees. A few weeks go by and Roman figures out that Anna may have shot EJ. He does everything to protect her. Tony see's this differently. He thinks Roman is trying to take Anna away from him. This starts the triangle for Roman/Anna/Tony. I think it could get interesting. Again.

11.14.07, 12:11 PM
Sami falling inlove with the man who raped her kinda sounds like the whole Luke & Laura thing doesn't it?

11.14.07, 8:14 PM
Nobody would like what I would write.

Sami and E.J. would be a couple. She would be the evil Brady (except that they are all evil imo) and E.J. would be the good DiMera (although I feel he really is and so is Tony).
IMO they didn't and couldn't even if they tried make Sami nice, kiss and make up to John and have it be believable and not laughable. This "nice" Sami is the biggest sack of bullcrap I've seen. Sami is probably the only consistant character on the show. Has been evil since day one and has never changed. Heck even this fakey nice Sami shows her infantile evil side.
Sami just needs to not be with Lucas. They are so stupid of a couple anyway. Some get so upset she agreed to marry her "rapist" and yet she did marry the guy who tried to murder her a bucket load of times.

Shawn and Belle would be done for good and forever. Claire would be Philip's daughter and Tyler would be Philip and Belle's OR Shawn and Mimi's. They would bring back Mimi for Shawn.
Brady and Chloe would come back.
Craig and Nancy would come back.
Victor and Caroline would be a couple.
Marlena would die and John and Kate would be a couple - again.
I'd keep Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer and Steve/Kayla. I don't really care about them, but I'd hang onto them. Although I do loathe Bo. Maybe kill off Bo in some weird accident with marlena and bring Patrick back for either Hope or Billie.
Hang onto Nick/Chelsea.
I'd get rid of Stephanie.

I don't know. I just know that Sami/Lucas turn me off to no end. Shelle make me physically ill. The mere thought of Philip/Chloe makes me livid.

I could almost stomach everything else but not Shelle or Phloe. They would NEVER EVER happen on any show I would ever have anything to do with. In fact if I were on that show in any way I would quit over promoting abusive relationships the way they have Lumi, Shelle and Phloe.

11.14.07, 8:26 PM
Brady and Chloe would come back.

I read Chloe is coming back - single - the week of Nov. 26th: http://www.soaps.com/daysofourlives/spoilers/1/

I wonder if it's the same actress.

11.14.07, 11:15 PM
Wow BigLeague, You & I are on opposite ends of the coupling. I just think that the people they have brought back yet haven't utilized is a waste. Tony, Anna, Lexie??? Not being used. Just stupid. Kill Bo?????? NEVER!!! I mean, I hope that never happens. The worst mistake ( I feel) is killing off John. EVERY writer on the show should be fired for not thinking up a good storyline for one of daytimes most popular couples. Don't these idiots read message boards, fan boards?? We DO a better job and dont get paid for it.

Migsly, yes Nadia ( the only actress to play Chloe Lane) is coming back. Single?? I can't imagine what stupid reason they will ahve her and Brady estranged/seperated/divorced.

11.15.07, 2:55 PM
Single?? I can't imagine what stupid reason they will ahve her and Brady estranged/seperated/divorced.

lol. I was thinking the same thing. :D

11.16.07, 10:59 AM
Perhaps they won't mention that she and Brady were ever together.... we are supposed to forget things that happened yesterday with couples on this show so forget something that happened a few years ago.... piece of cake....

11.16.07, 11:09 AM

11.16.07, 1:54 PM
Ford Decker/The whole sorority house.

First of all this little D!cktoid needs to be brought down a peg or two. Unfortunately rape happens and is very traumactic in any event. I just wish that when DAYS decides to go with storylines on this issue, for once they can make the victim more of a survivor and heroic. Stand up to the rapist, let it be known that they did NOTHING wrong and go after this creep with all guns pointing. Or is it barrels firing? The fact that Cordy is too scared to testify and Stephanie wont speak up saddens me. Ford will get away with what he did.
I wish women today had better support systems. If we did, maybe so many rapes wouldn't go unreported.

I suspect that we will have a Ford Decker murder on our hands. We will have numerous suspects. I'm sure Kayla & Steve will find out one way or the other what happned to Stephanie. Steve will either kill Ford and Kayla will cover it up or Kayla and Stephanie will do something with Steve breaking all kinds of laws to cover it up. Taking the blame himself is also bound to happen.

This, to me will be a filler story. Or no story with the writers strike.

11.16.07, 2:32 PM
Yeah. I think it's a neat idea of Chelsea's to put flyers all over the campus of Decker and warning women about him. And posting stuff on the internet about his misdeeds. I mean, if proper channels don't work, maybe that will. lol.

11.16.07, 3:46 PM
With the college not believing them and no real police involvement Chelsea and the gang would have one heck of a defamation case against them. Why didn't all the girls say that they saw Ford undress and unconscious Morgan on his webcam. That would have refuted the statement of the dude saying he didn't see anything forced.

11.17.07, 12:11 AM
They touched on that, the defamation thing. They decided it was worth it.

11.26.07, 12:22 AM
I seem to be alone with this, but I like Stephanie as a character. But, I am about to smack her if she doesn't just come out and admit what happened. How can she sit there and encourage Cordy to talk when she isn't?

11.26.07, 3:23 PM

So Hope has kept her promise to Belle by not telling Shawn she cheated on him with Phillip. But....Hope sure is being loose-lipped with everyone else. I can only assume that once Shawn does find out about Belle & Phillip, it may come from Chloe, unwittingly or Chelsea deliberately. Of course the mountain will crumble even further when he finds out that not only did his Mother, Father, Mother-in-law & Aunt know about it, he will feel betrayed by everyone. Adding insult to injury is when he finds out that the watch he received from who he thought was Victor actually came from Phillip, all hell will break loose. And maybe should. Everyone tried to protect him but he wont see it that way. It wouldn't surprise me that the last person we would ever expect Shawn to confide in and become close with will be his little sister Chelsea. Maybe thats a good thing.

12.16.07, 11:55 PM

I hate E.J. immensely! I really don't think there is anything he could ever do to change my mind about him. Then I thought well, I hate his father too. I would love it if Tony, could somehow convice his brother E.J. that Stefano wants power & control more than he wants the love and respect of his own children. I do believe E.J. has it in him to love his own child, but E.J. seeks the ultimate approval from Stefano.

The best thing that E.J. could do is denounce Stefano and realize he will eventually take everything from him.

Because of Stefano, E.J. will lose Sami ( he barely has her), lose his son ( Which I still hope is really Lucas') and every other thing he has.

Another thing, why doesn't E.J. ever ask about his mother?? Susan did everything she could to hide E.J. from Stefano. She didn't want him to be anything like a DiMera. Yet there is no mention of how E.J. eventually got with Stefano. Doesn't he want to know where is mother is!!!