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11.1.07, 2:21 PM
Just watching Days right now. Sami and Lucas got interupted (which I don't know how any woman could be ready for making love after just giving birth, aren't we supposed to wait 4-6 weeks before that? lol anyway...) by the lawyer for Sami to sign the papers and he called her Mrs. Horton and then Sami introduced Lucas as Lucas Horton. I thought they were the "Roberts"? I'm so confused. Did they switch their names somewhere and I missed this?! :confused::confused::confused:

11.1.07, 2:41 PM
I don't know, guess I wasn't paying attention to that. If so, that would be great because somewhere down the line, it will mean they never got a "real" divorce because they signed off as "Hortons", Lucas' biological fathers name and not his legal name. Geez, I should pay more attention.

11.2.07, 12:22 AM
Lucas legally changed his last name to Horton because he's upset with Kate. So to get back at his mom, he took his dad's name, who is a Horton.

11.7.07, 2:04 PM
Thanks for clarifying, yhh. :) I must have missed that part from before. Hmm so I wonder that too, maybe the divorce won't be legal. :D

11.9.07, 7:45 AM
I don't think they were actually going to make love, Lucas was going to give Sami a massage...I hope they weren't anyhow, but on soaps you don't waste a moment!! :D

11.9.07, 3:58 PM
Lucas is having another temper tantrum and is legally changing his last name to Horton.
I wonder what he'd do if Will refuses to change his last name.
He can't force him to, and it isn't automatic just because Lucas did. Besides, Will is like almost 18 now anyway.