View Full Version : It's Official: The World Has Gone To Hell

8.29.12, 4:36 PM
"Keeping Up With The Kardashians" has filmed more episodes than "I Love Lucy".

8.29.12, 5:01 PM
How on Earth did that happen? How long has the Kardashians been on? Crazy world we live in for sure.

8.29.12, 5:05 PM
And if you put them all together there isn't even one second of talent to rival Lucy's! I hate those people so much.

8.29.12, 6:54 PM
Maybe more episodes but I love Lucy is good TV and not trash.

8.29.12, 10:43 PM
I can't stand the Kardashians. I just don't get it, why are they famous? Did Kim's sex tape start it all?

8.30.12, 9:18 AM
Yes boo, it did. And rumors were saying her mother was responsible for the leak but she claims that's ridiculous. I'm thinking she's a big fat liar.