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8.28.12, 3:34 PM
Does anyone watch?

8.28.12, 6:22 PM
I have been watching it since the beginning. It has gotten so dark and depressing. But it's like a train wreck; I can't stop watching. Walter White has transformed from a mild, unassuming high school teacher into a merciless, blood-thirsty, amoral drug lord. I wonder how it will finally end.

8.28.12, 6:32 PM
Agreed on all counts.
The only reason I'm still watching is because I want to see Walter get his just
And if they don't end it that way I am going to hunt Vince Gilligan down and kick his ass.
I'm kind of annoyed that they have split the last season over two years.

8.29.12, 10:18 PM
Did you notice the show used a Monkees song in the last episode?


8.30.12, 10:35 AM
Yes I did. And I will take anything over the disjointed Latin music from previous seasons, that made my ears bleed.

9.3.12, 3:44 PM
Did you see the last scene in the season finale episode? Hank is finaly going to figure it out. The only question is; will Walter's cancer return causing him to die before he can get his just punishment?

When will the next season return?

9.3.12, 7:24 PM
In an annoying move, the creators of this show split this last season into two.
8 episodes this summer and 8 for next summer.
Walter White needs to get his just punishment for all the awful things he has done.
There will be no closure for viewers if that doesn't happen.
I thought it was pretty lame how Hank found out about Walter.
I think this show has jumped the shark.

9.24.12, 6:08 PM
I'm really glad Aaron Paul won the Emmy.
He's a great kid and a good actor.
I'm also glad Cranston did NOT win.
That man is so in love with himself.