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8.27.12, 5:59 PM
and it's not working...

I had a rough day yesterday, just overwhelmed with emotions, packing etc., but I was okay last night and came to work feeling pretty good. Then, BOOM, I'm met at my office door by Negative Nelly. I hear all this poo about our company that I just can't deal with right now. What this person is talking about is all speculation. All that to say, I want to avoid her and the comments, but with my emotions so wacky, I'm not doing very well.

Then, on the flip side of her comments she says, "you take care of yourself and try to rest and not think about things too much." Uh huh! And you just added 10 bad things for me to think about. Sheesh!

Coming off the :soapbox: now.

8.27.12, 6:28 PM
Stop her in her tracks, Kris! When she starts spewing her negativity, just interrupt her and say very nicely, "You know, I'm having a hard time right now and I just don't want to hear about this. Let's talk about something positive." YOU have the power to shut her up! I hate people like that. There's a woman at my church who is such a Debbie Downer I run and hide whenever I see her. No one wants to hear that stuff.

8.27.12, 9:08 PM
Here is what I want to know.
What do people get out of being like that?
It must be a very lackluster life being a doom and gloomer.
What bugs me about those kind of people the most is that they are never open to positive suggestions.
It's like they wallow in their misery.

8.28.12, 12:21 AM
I'm doing better after getting home tonight. This is the same person who offers unsolicited advice. Most days, I can roll it off, but today was just not the day for it. I did finally tell her that I needed to work and concentrate and didn't feel like talking. She seemed to get the hint and left me alone. If she starts in tomorrow, I will tell her that I don't need the extra stress and worry about things that COULD happen at work.

8.28.12, 12:32 AM
Oh Kris I have a sister like that. It drives me crazy.Just tell the lady that you can't think about problems that really aren't even problems yet.

8.28.12, 7:37 PM
She's been very quiet today, thank goodness!