View Full Version : Lance Armstrong (not dead)

8.24.12, 2:53 PM
...but his career is! What do you all think of this?


8.24.12, 3:25 PM
I am SO tired of all the Lance controversy.
I hope this puts an end to it.
I know all the Lance freaks staunchly defended him, but I always thought he was guilty as charged.

8.24.12, 4:03 PM
Using performance-enhancing drugs is cheating and I'm 100% in favor of his titles being stripped. I just wish they would have done the same to Barry Bonds.

8.24.12, 4:20 PM
Do they have any proof that LA used drugs or are they basing this solely on what others have come forward to say? I'm a little confused here.

8.24.12, 4:28 PM
I'm just as confused. I have not read much about this but since it was all over the papers today, I couldn't help but read some. And from what I read - there was nothing to prove he did use anything. Or did we miss something?

8.26.12, 5:49 AM
There is no proof that he used anything. He was tested from what I read several times and nothing was found. I guess legal fees and just the never ending fight got to him and he gave up. Is he guilty? I just don't know.

8.26.12, 2:10 PM
Sorry, I didn't thoroughly read the article and thought it had been proven that he used drugs. It's a hard call and I do feel bad for him if he's innocent and lost all of this.

8.26.12, 3:17 PM
I guess this is all a matter of who you choose to believe.
The US Anti-Doping Agency had said it has testimony from former team mates that confirm Armstrong took steroids throughout his career.
Armstrong has decided to quit fighting the ongoing investigation, instead of pushing ahead and forcing the Anti-Doping agency to bring their witnesses forth.
To a lot of people, that makes Armstrong look guilty and afraid to force the issue.
As for drug testing, as we all know, there are ways to avoid detection.