View Full Version : Oh, Prince Harry!

8.22.12, 1:50 PM
Your mother would be so disappointed!


8.22.12, 3:11 PM
Dumb move on his part to allow pictures to be taken. I bet the Queen has her knickers in a knot over this.

8.22.12, 3:16 PM
How is it that the protection detail for a Prince does not confiscate cell phones/cameras from sex bimbos?

8.22.12, 5:39 PM
Right! Where is his posse? I mean look at those photos!! The guy looks an extra in a porn film.

8.22.12, 10:14 PM
Agent, that was the first thing I thought was how disappointed his Mom would be. Shame on him.
Kris, LMFAO @ I bet the Queen has her knickers in a knot over this.
Good question mtj, Where was his guards?

8.23.12, 9:39 AM
I just read that his "guards" were with him and partying just as hard. Some people are going to lose their jobs!

8.23.12, 11:11 AM
That is NOT shocking. I was going to suggest that yesterday when you originally posted about this, but thought, nah - the queen must hire better people than that!! Obviously not. lol

8.23.12, 11:54 AM
I'm just glad the photos weren't of Prince Philip! LOL!!!

8.23.12, 1:00 PM
*Says a silent thank you that The US Secret Service is a classier act than the British buffoons*

8.25.12, 1:04 PM
Welll, I guess this is to be expected, the girls who were in the room with Harry are trying to find a media outlet to talk to and to share the rest of their pictures & videos they took! I'm sure they want their 15 minutes of fame. Good grief, what were Harry's security people and body guards doing?! Did you see the full page ad that the Visitors Bureau of Las Vegas is running? Scolding the picture takers and saying that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" and they broke the rule!

8.25.12, 1:19 PM
I love that ad!

8.25.12, 4:27 PM

8.26.12, 5:43 AM
This pic is making it's round on FB, thought I'd share.

8.26.12, 2:43 PM
Just spit out water and peed my pants simultaneously! LOL!! Must post on FB. Thanks Boo.