View Full Version : Jack Devereaux

8.15.12, 11:43 PM
They killed him off? That's horriblenn

8.15.12, 11:52 PM
I didn't see the show today, but I knew yesterday he was probably going to die since he's leaving. Darn!

8.16.12, 9:14 AM
I heard through daycafe.com that he and Madison were being written off after a brief connected storyline. I had no idea it was connected by them being the only two characters dying in this explosion. I wasnt home yesterday to see the show, was there anything else connecting them?? I feel horrible for Matt Ashford. They have fired and hired him so many times, and this is the thanks he gets for coming back every time? Killed off? Not that anyone ever dies in this show, but really. This is a disgrace.

8.16.12, 9:53 AM
I just realized I invented a new word - "Horriblenn." LOL! Where did that come from? I was really upset about Jack.

I love Matthew Ashford. And you're right, Jeni, he is always a pro and gives everything to that show. So underrated and underused. I'm glad Madison is gone. I wish Gabby would have died in the tunnels.

8.16.12, 12:42 PM
I cried for Jack. I was happy to see Madison go. I loved Kate and Ian's fight. You're not worthy to lick Stefano's boots, hahaha.