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8.10.12, 1:23 PM
I feel like I was the worst person yesterday. I was in the middle of making dinner and my doorbell rang. There was a young kid out there trying to get me to take home delivery of a newspaper. I have a "NO SOLICITING" sign on my window - apparently not large enough. I told him I was not interested and started walking away (I had the screen door open). He started his sales pitch again, "When was the last time you got home delivery.." I said, "No thank you. He said, "I can get a bond for doing this." Again, I said, No thank you and walked away. Then he said, "Do you have anything I can eat like a granola bar?" By this time I was frustrated and I just said, "No! We're done here!" And I walked away.

A few minutes later my neighbor called and said she went through the same thing. Neither one of us gave him anything to eat and today we both feel absolutely HORRIBLE. I did look down the street later to find him and give him a granola bar but I didn't see him. I always think of myself as a good person and a good Christian and that I would help someone in need and I was just rude, rude, rude to a kid trying to sell me a newspaper subscription. I think when people come to your house and you're taken by surprise it just puts all of your defenses up. I know I'm like that. I just don't like strangers at my door.

Still - I'm going to Hell.

8.10.12, 2:53 PM
In a hand basket...just kidding!

I had a similar experience with a boy selling newspaper subs about 2 mos ago. He would NOT take no for an answer and I had to finally close the door on him. These days, you just can't be safe with strangers, even young kids coming to your door. And sadly, as far as having to open the door to give the kid food, could lead to danger. It's terrible that we live in a world like this where we have to always watch for danger signs.

Unless kids selling fund raising things are with their parents or are kids I know from the neighborhood etc., I normally don't open the door. The case with the kid selling newspapers was similar to yours as I had my door open and he could see me through the screen so I had to go to the door.

8.10.12, 3:57 PM
Do you have anything I can eat? Is part of the sales pitch.
It's supposed to make you feel guilty.
It worked.
Sadly, these kids are prepped by sales sharks to do ANYTHING to make the sale.
You are not going to hell.
But in case I'm wrong, I have reserved the room next to mine for you. :devilish:

8.10.12, 6:20 PM
LOL! I hope the rooms are adjoining. Agent 86 said I'm too "sensitive." Ha! No one has ever said that about me. LOL! And Kris you're right. Too often people let down their guard and are robbed. I still feel bad.

8.12.12, 12:06 PM
He wanted you to feel guilty. You have to be careful with people (even kids) at your door.

8.12.12, 1:34 PM
No you won't go to hell! I wouldn't have given him anything either.It's a sales tactic or a good way to get into your house and rob you.

8.12.12, 9:44 PM
My pastor did a sermon today about how as humans we fail to do the right thing all the time because - duh - we are human. So, I am taking this incident as a lesson and try to be more compassionate. We have so much and I still feel guilty that I didn't share the simplest thing. I also have to learn how to forgive myself. That's hard to do!