View Full Version : Natalie Portman's Wedding

8.8.12, 8:11 AM

I like this dress! I don't like the long sleeves, but I think the dress itself is lovely.

8.8.12, 12:42 PM
At this point, I like any bridal look that isn't a strapless dress, hair up and a tiara.
Every single bride I have seen in the past seven years has worn that look.
It's so old.

8.8.12, 3:08 PM
It is a gorgeous dress. I agree, I don't like the sleeves either, but I love the style of the dress.

And so true, mtj. Strapless is so overrated anymore. Even the plus sized bridal dresses are mostly strapless. Hello, but that just doesn't work for some of us big girls. And no, I'm not shopping for wedding gowns...hehehe! I was just looking at a bridal magazine at the hospital the other night.

8.8.12, 3:28 PM
I love to watch "Say Yes to the Dress." I am amazed at how much money women will pay for their wedding dress!!! It's crazy! My pastor's daughter got married last month and she looked lovely. Her dress was so simple and elegant (Grecian style) and she paid a very reasonable price for it. If you're starting out your marriage with a $26,000 dress, something is wrong.

8.8.12, 4:11 PM
Jeepers! I'd get married in a gunny sack before I'd spend that much on a dress.

8.8.12, 4:40 PM
That's one of my favorite TV shows, and I am so glad they made a show dedicated to big girls as well. I would like to punch many of the parents, sisters, friends, relatives that those brides bring with them though. They are so rude!! It's all about the BRIDE and those people are so vicious when they walk out with their dresses on. I wish people would learn to shut their mouths.

8.8.12, 6:37 PM
"Jeepers?" Who are you? Dennis the Menace? LOL!

8.8.12, 6:42 PM
LOL! I've always said "Jeepers" from the time I was little.