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10.31.07, 6:42 PM
Somebody said that Dena Higley was back?
Is that true?
Geeze, I only watch half the show because I've been watching a different one the second 1/2 hour. And even that one is making me super angry. So, I've found myself drifting back to Days for some stupid reason. Hoping that Belle and Philip get together. Hoping that a lot of other things happen or don't happen.
And then I hear that she's back writing?!?! Doom, gloom. Now I'm going to have nothing to watch.
She'll destroy everything! She did before. Although I know she'll have Shawn and Chloe due to reports that Nadia and Brandon are dating IRL. If that's true. She LOVES making real life couples simulate sex on the set and our telvisions for some un-understandable reason.
I don't know. I'm so bitterly disappointed.

11.1.07, 12:56 PM
I am not familiar with who Dena Higley is and if she's awful, then not much will change from what we are seeing anyway. However, if she used to write for Days, left and is now back, maybe she is bringing in some new ideas as well as lessons learned from her previous stint at DAYS. One can only hope.

11.1.07, 1:56 PM
Dena Higley is a horrid writer and soap killer. She's the reason I quit watching Days a few years ago. It's only recently that I came back to the show. She was writing for One Life to Live and assinated characters on there as well. She's great at making the women on the show, timid and needy. Thankfully, she was fired from OLTL. If she's back with Days, this IS NOT a good thing.

11.1.07, 3:09 PM