View Full Version : London Cuts Off Springsteen Concert

7.15.12, 2:52 PM
Okay, there is dumb, and there is dumber than dumb.
This falls in the latter category.
The nimrods in London cut Springsteen off mid-encore when he was doing a number with Paul McCartney.
Apparently there is a three-hour time limit for concerts at Hyde Park.
Anyone who has ever been to a Springsteen concert knows they are always longer than three hours, usually they are four hours.
These idiots literally pulled the plug on the sound in the middle of Springsteen and McCartney doing "Saw Her Standing There".
Note to the stuffy British: Sometimes you bend the rules.


7.15.12, 4:57 PM
I can't believe this!!! Paul McCartney and Bruce singing together? LEGENDARY!!! Those stuffy Brits is right. Wonder what will happen during the Olympics.