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7.12.12, 7:04 AM


7.12.12, 9:49 AM
She may be a bit off her rocker for doing that, but what gets me angry is this:

"Jackson officials believe that Zigler, who would have been 67 or 68, died around Christmas of 2010. That was 18 months ago. When Zigler's family members went to check on him after not hearing from him for a while, they went to the police, who found Zigler's body in his chair."

It took his family EIGHTEEN months to check on him???

7.12.12, 10:57 AM
*Sigh* Sometimes, even strong meds don't help.

7.12.12, 12:47 PM
*Sigh* Sometimes, even strong meds don't help.
Good point, mtj! :pinkyz:

And, I agree with Jenigirl, 18 months??? Jeepers! And, how could this body not stink? This woman may end up in prison, but she needs to be in a mental unit.

7.12.12, 1:04 PM
Well nobody likes to watch Nascar alone,especially Pocono! Lol. Seriously does she not have a nose? That must have stunk bad. And the family never checked until 18 month later? So many things are wrong with this!. And the poor woman is so lonely that she lives with a dead man ?

7.12.12, 3:51 PM
I told Agent 86 this will be him one day. I'll just prop him up to watch House Hunters. LOL!!!

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7.13.12, 5:39 PM
Sounds like she needed his checks to live on. Shame on his family for not checking on him more often. You would think she would at least dig up the basement floor, drop him in and cement over. That's my plan for my husband one day.