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6.30.12, 11:06 PM
My mom has a diabetic ulcer on her big toe that she's been nursing for about 3 weeks. Last doctor's visit there was no infection. But, she went to see the wound nurse yesterday and the nurse said, "oh no, it look like gangrene. I bet you are going to lose part of your leg." What moron says something like that without knowing if it's really gangrene or not? Anyway, my mom called me in tears as she was rushing to Urgent Care to get it looked at by a doctor. She gets to the doctor and he said it was not gangrene and that he was going to put a call into the Kaiser to complain about that nurse. But, she does have an infection in her toe. Last night, mom gets a call from the doctor telling her he wants her to go to the hospital first thing in the morning to have an ultrasound on the toe as he fears it may be a blood clot. So again, she panics. Long story short, I was up at 6 to take her and then we spent the rest of the day at Urgent Care waiting for the results and while mom had antibiotics administered by IV. Good news, no blood clots. So, if you would please say a prayer that her infection heals quickly. She felt much better today after a round of antibiotics yesterday, so it's working. She said the toe was not sore today like it had been and she was walking pretty well. Thing is, we have vacation coming up in two weeks and we need to get her well before then.

What a day!

7.1.12, 8:14 AM
Prayers coming your way Kris. So sorry your mom had to go through all of that but glad to hear she is feeling better.

I had a Dr. pull that same attitude when Dakota was born. He was jaundice when he was born and the Dr. came in my room with his lovely Indian accent where I could barely understand a word he said, but he was mumbling a ton of medical garbage about children being jaundice and the dangers of it and then mentions that my child could die. I ran out of the room in tears right to the nurses station who apologized for the idiot Dr.

7.1.12, 11:52 AM
Your Mom is in my prayers and you as well Kristi. I know how tiring it can be to care for someone else.

I think most of us have run into a few Doctors and Nurses who could use some bed side manners. I had a Gynecologist ask me if my husband liked all that weight on me and then he slapped my thigh. I cried for a week. My attitude has changed over the years, if that happened today that Dr would get a kick in the face.

I'm asking for prayers for my Mother-in-law, she has non hodgkins lymphoma. She has been though so much the last few years. So far my brother-in-law is taking her to her treatments and appointments. He is going on vacation july9th-16th. At that time I'm MAKING my husband take her. I'm stepping back because I took care of her and my Father-in-law for 10 years. I think her sons need to step up.

7.1.12, 1:49 PM
Praying, Boo! And good for you for stepping back.

7.1.12, 4:14 PM
Kris ,you and your mom have been in my prayers for a long time. I am so glad your mom is okay. That nurse was very stupid to talk like that.
Boo I'll include your mom in my prayers too.

7.2.12, 9:10 AM
Boo I meant your mother in law of course. I swear I got oldtimers disease !

7.2.12, 3:48 PM
I knew who you meant Coffenut. Thank-you for your prayers.