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6.30.12, 11:35 AM
A really fun movie! I went with my girlfriends last night. The theatre was sold out (all women). It's a good movie that actually has a story. We all enjoyed it. It's getting good reviews. Holy moly the bodies on those guys! Whew!

7.1.12, 11:56 AM
I hoping my daughter wants to go tomorrow. I have the day off.

7.1.12, 7:50 PM
I'm going tonight, I'm so flipping excited!!!

7.2.12, 9:16 AM
Best. Move. Ever. Boo, if your daughter doesn't get to go with you, make sure you go alone. Trust me, you will NOT want to miss this movie!! I am now the biggest Channing Tatum fan, Edward who!??!

7.2.12, 12:17 PM
Hold on there, girl. Channing is adorable but he'll never replace Edward in my life. LOL! I thought the dancing was INCREDIBLE!! I liked the story and Matthew Mc cracked me up. Did you know that "Nora" (the girl with the pig) is Lisa Marie Presley's daughter? I didn't realize that until I read the credits. Riley Keough is her name. She's adorable.

Boo - go and see this movie. You will enjoy it.

7.2.12, 12:47 PM
I get off early on the 4th... I may try to see it then! Sounds good!

7.2.12, 1:54 PM
Nope, sorry, I've moved on from Edward. I love the books, love Edward, but Channing has totally proved himself worthy of my love with those dance moves. Hot dayum!!

I knew Elvis' granddaughter was in the movie, but forgot until I saw her name pop up and I said, oh yea!! lol

My friend Christina who went with me last night has a strange attraction to Kevin Nash, aka Tarzan.

7.2.12, 4:56 PM
Ewww!!! Tarzan!! I like Joe Mangnagnaianananao (or whatever the hell his last name is) from True Blood. He was also in the movie. He has one sick body!

7.2.12, 6:29 PM
Yea she's a tough girl... the wrestler really did it for her! lol

Joe is the fireman who got hurt flipping the girl, right? That scene was hysterical.

7.2.12, 6:49 PM
Yes! Wasn't that hilarious?

7.2.12, 7:53 PM
I think the funniest scene was Matthew teaching "The kid" how to dance. LOL!!!

7.3.12, 5:50 AM
I ended up babysitting after all yesterday and couldn't go. :(
I'm trying to get my daughter to go see it with me tomorrow because I'm off.
Today I promised my great nephew I'd take him to see the new Spiderman.