View Full Version : GH viewers - how are the OLTL people doing?

6.28.12, 10:10 PM
Just wondering if Starr, Todd, Blair and anyone else were still on the show, and what is going on with them?

6.29.12, 2:56 PM
I've not been watching, but I did see a few minutes of it when I was at home on Monday. Starr is still there and I think she signed a 3-year contract with GH. One thing that baffles me is that my friend who watches said that John McBain is still there and getting close to Sam (Kelly Monaco). I'm curious to know if they simply wrote out Natalie and Liam or how they explained that. My friend said she must have missed it if they did explain it. I hate that part. After all we went through for years to finally have a John and Natalie solution and happy ending to have John go on and mess up with another woman.

6.30.12, 10:40 AM
That's what I was afraid would happen. They'd bring the characters on board just to gain viewers, and then involve them with other people so they're not even the same characters we knew. So what happened to Cole?

8.8.12, 11:51 AM
John and Sam shared a ( drunken ) kiss. Todd got a picture of them and sent it to Natalie. When John got home, Natalie and Liam and flown to Europe and Natalie took John's passport so he can't follow her.
It really looks like John and Sam are going to get together.
Todd is still on GH and gaining fan support.. he is still the guy you love to hate but still love. Starr is getting involved with Michael ( they killed off Cole and Hope) Corinthos ( Sonny the mob king's son). Blair has popped in
a few times.. still as gorgeous as ever.

8.8.12, 6:59 PM
I've only watched a few times recently. You knew from the beginning that they were going to hook Starr up with Michael. Again, I just hate what they did to John and Natalie. And I hate that they had to kill Hope off too.

Have any of you been watching, Dallas? I'm loving it. I'm so glad it has been renewed for another season!

8.12.12, 12:02 AM
Thanks for the update - wow, I'm kinda glad I don't watch GH. Would hate to see my OLTL characters changed so much. I do watch Dallas and I'm hooked! It moves so quickly. Such a difference from soaps and even the original Dallas.