View Full Version : OLTL on Soap Net

5.31.12, 9:22 AM
I saw OLTL on SoapNet this morning. It was good to see some of my
favs again. I know SoapNet is going away but I might catch an episode
here and there until it goes off.

6.12.12, 9:12 PM
Which episodes are they airing? The last ones or older ones? I'll have to start watching. There is NOTHING on TV right now.

6.13.12, 1:45 PM
Boo Hoo! Soap Net is already gone on our cable network. Dallas is coming back tonight, one can only hope that another network will bring back OLTL... far fetched wish I know, but hey, one can dream... LOL!

Hope you ladies are doing well!

6.13.12, 10:26 PM
I'm DVR'ing Dallas as we speak! :)