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5.28.12, 9:50 AM
I took on another babysitting job starting tomorrow morning at 5:30AM. He's an adorable 14 month old. Last night I had the worst nightmare. It was 5PM almost time for the baby to be picked up. I had kids running around everywhere. I realized that I had not fed the baby all day long or changed his diaper. I rushed to his diaper bag to find that I had not put his bottles in the fridge that morning. The baby was screaming, kids were on top of the table, jumping on the furniture, and then, a knock at the door. I woke up sweating. I don't know why I'm so nervous I've babysat lots of babies, one summer I had 13 kids and I done well. I will have Austin (6) and the baby for the summer.

5.28.12, 10:38 AM
Relax, Boo! You are an excellent child caregiver. It's a new child and your are understandably anxious. Take a deep breath and enjoy adorable Austin. I promise you he will love you by the end of the week. Good luck!!

5.28.12, 1:57 PM
Oh Boo, that is a nightmare. It's crazy how our brain works even while we're sleeping. No worries, it's going to be just fine with this new little one. This little boy is blessed to have a wonderful babysitter.

5.28.12, 4:18 PM
Usually dreams mean nothing about what was in it. And I hope that's true cause I have some crazy/strange/bad dreams a lot.

5.29.12, 7:49 AM
I put the baby's milk, food, and meds in the fridge first thing, lol. He cried for a minute after his Mom left but then he wrapped his little arms around my neck and let me rock him to sleep. He's in his playpen next to me sleeping. ALL IS GOOD :)

Kristi, who is the little cutie?

5.29.12, 1:15 PM
The little guy is Alexander (my cousin's baby). He's 6 months old already and at that stage I just love. His facial expressions are priceless. He really has brought so much joy to our family.

5.29.12, 3:08 PM
He's adorable, I love the Cookie Monster hat!