View Full Version : Miley - No Pants?

5.21.12, 1:47 PM
http://www.x17online.com/celebrities/miley_cyrus/miley_cyrus_2012_billboard_awards_winners_list_ade le_lmfao_photos_052112.php

Miley Cyrus obviously forgot her pants at the Billboard Music Awards!

5.21.12, 1:53 PM
She should just proceed straight to porn.
Her musical career has tanked.
Her acting career never got off the ground.
I have no idea why Hemsworth is still with her, unless he is as white trash as she is.
Oh, and she looks very stoned in the picture.

5.21.12, 2:54 PM
Wow she looks slutty and old for her age! I am glad Adele won so many awards. It shows that you can still win awards by having a good voice and keeping your panties on.

5.21.12, 3:15 PM
She looks trashy.

5.21.12, 3:45 PM
Also, when she sits in that thing, the whole world is her gynecologist.

5.21.12, 4:06 PM
I am a person who visualizes everything.Excuse me while I go and vomit! Lol

5.21.12, 4:21 PM
She looks trashy.

Correction. She IS trashy.

5.21.12, 4:39 PM
Also, when she sits in that thing, the whole world is her gynecologist.

LOL! I wonder if that's the future of medicine for celebrities- expose yourself for the world to see, then check twitter the next day to see what people diagnose you with (I suspect if that happens, Trashinesstitis is going to become a new official disease).

5.21.12, 5:38 PM
Correction. She IS trashy.

I agree.
Three words.
Penis cake pictures.