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5.18.12, 12:34 PM
Did anyone watch this mid-season replacement show?
I was wary at first, thinking it would be another Glee, but it wasn't and I liked it.
It's been renewed for another mid-season run (starting next January).
I thought it was an interesting diversion from all the cop/medical shows.

5.18.12, 1:08 PM
I only wish I had remembered to watch it every week. I started to...then kept forgetting... then picked it up again on the second to last episode. I should really try and watch this online, from what I saw, I did like it.

5.18.12, 1:16 PM
It seems fairly true to the highlights and pitfalls of Broadway.
I liked the way they pitted the two lead female characters.
One, a dreaming rookie from Iowa - the other a scheming "Stage Momma's daughter".

5.18.12, 1:18 PM
I started watching it, but then got back into Castle. This is one that I'll try to catch up on over the summer. It's very good.

5.18.12, 2:06 PM
So Kris, are you one of those Kate and Castle fans who swooned when they finally got together?

5.18.12, 4:19 PM
So Kris, are you one of those Kate and Castle fans who swooned when they finally got together?

Yessum! hehehehe! Finally! If they had gone on another season without this, I probably would give up on the show.

5.18.12, 5:30 PM
It seems every show with male/female leads who are not together at first, is getting them together. (House and Bones come to mind)
Even though ever since Moonlighting, it's a proven ratings disaster once it happens.

5.19.12, 7:20 PM
Here's to hoping it doesn't kill Castle, it's one of my favorite shows on TV right now.
I think it's a real problem when shows start pushing to the center of the show any storyline that needs a resolution over the course of entire seasons, be it a will they/won't they, or, for instance, a story of how the narrator met the mother of his children. It just builds up expectations for the resolution that are unrealistic, leaves the viewers frustrated and makes it hard to get invested in any other storyline on the show.

5.19.12, 10:09 PM
Well, now that you mention it, we still don't know anything about Castle's father.
And that has been dragging on for years, much like the who killed Beckett's mother.
Hey, maybe Castle's father killed Beckett's mother. :rolleyes:

5.19.12, 10:37 PM
I think you just blew my mind!