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5.12.12, 6:19 PM
I just saw Dark Shadows. I loved it. I was so disappointed when I heard it was going to be campy/fun, but I must say Tim Burton delivered. The story is still there (with a few twists) but it was so entertaining. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see it again. And even Jonathan Frid and a few other originals make a cameo appearance. Helena Bonham Carter as Dr.Julia Evans is a hoot. I recommend it to fans. And since Alice Cooper is in it - how can I not love it.

5.14.12, 4:35 PM
I'm going to try to see it soon. I also watched it as a child. I used to be afraid of Barnabas Collins, it will be interesting to see him portrayed this way. The previews made me laugh though, so I'm looking forward to seeing the movie.

5.14.12, 8:59 PM
Yet another one to the list... I have too many films I want to watch and not enough unsuspecting victims friends to drag along with me...

5.15.12, 1:44 PM
Me, I like my stories the way they were originally told to me.
I don't want a camped up version of Barnabas Collins.
I don't want a dark telling of Snow White (the Kristen Stewart flick).
I didn't want a dark version of Willy Wonka.
Hollywood seems to be fresh out of new ideas.
Therefore, we get re-make after re-make after re-make.