View Full Version : Some Days I'm in Love Some Days I'm bored

5.9.12, 2:23 PM
There is some inconsistent writing, I'm still more in love with the show that I have been in a long time, BUT I have some concern that they are pushing a LOT of plots through at the same time.
Will's Plot line (one of the best) is kind of a secondary story which is ok but then we go an entire week with NOTHING so it's hard to keep connected.
The Lexie dying storyline is going through really fast and I'm annoyed that it too is a secondary storyline and her Salem friends cant be there more for her because of the Stefano "killing" the 6 storyline is up front.

Everyone is cheating... sheesh. I know people cheat but DANG THE WHOLE TOWN???

Feels like they've changed writers or something and the new ones dont like what the old ones had done. I'm hoping that isn't it but I haven't checked.

More posts to come about other things.