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5.3.12, 5:15 PM
Okay Kris, the two things I read are that we are going to get some back story on Amanda's mother and that Takeda will be back.
I'm intrigued about Amanda's mother.
I never really considered her a part of the story and it will be interesting to see how they weave that in.
I'm glad Takeda will be back because I think he's a cool character and I want to know what he did with fake Amanda.
I thought he killed her until Jack started finding a credit card trail on her.
Although that could have been a plant, set up to keep Jack out of town at the time.

5.3.12, 7:07 PM
I've often wondered about her mother. This will be good.

Also glad that Takeda is coming back as it will clarify where fake Amanda is. I have this strange feeling that we are going to be left hanging for the summer. But, the good thing about that is when a show ends with a cliffhanger, it's coming back in the Fall.

5.3.12, 7:36 PM
I think Revenge has already been renewed for Season 2.
It's had consistently good ratings.
I guess with the end of so many daytime dramas, people were good and ready for a nighttime one.
I will admit that my first impression when hearing about it was that it was a dumb idea for a show and that Van Camp would be awful.
So glad to be proven wrong.
Since we have not seen Mom yet, she may be part of the cliffhanger.

5.3.12, 9:44 PM
I was skeptical too. My first thought was that she went around killing a bunch of people to get even. I'm so glad I watched it. It was actually a fluke. I had it on ABC when it came on and I was working on something and little by little, I kept stopping to pay attention to the show. I was hooked after 30 minutes.

5.4.12, 9:59 PM
Another spoiler - I just read that this season's cliffhanger finale will involve the death of a major character.
I don't think Emily/Amanda, Victoria or Nolan are expendable.
I'd hate to see it be Jack or Declan, as they are the only down to Earth people on the show.
Daniel is unlikely as I've heard rumors about a wedding in Season 2.
Hmm, that pretty much leaves Charlotte, Conrad and Ashley, if you consider them major.
I'll gag if it's the dog.

5.4.12, 11:05 PM
Hmmm ...suppose it's faux Amanda? I certainly hope it's not Jack.

5.4.12, 11:48 PM
I will break my personal preferences down.
Real Amanda, Victoria, Nolan - won't happen.
Jack, Declan or Sammy - will be pissed. (I will gag if it's the dog only because that makes the spoiler of a "major character dying" a joke. I love Sammy)
Conrad, Charlotte, Ashley, Daniel, Faux Amanda - don't care.

5.10.12, 1:31 PM
I'm thinking it's going to be Conrad or Charlotte that dies. The previews last night show Charlotte's hand falling limp and the bottle of pills falls out of her hand. But, it also shows Emily pointing a gun at someone saying, "I want my face to be the last thing you see." I'm thinking she's pointing it at Conrad. Makes sense.

5.10.12, 1:42 PM
Conrad and Charlotte are both very "disposable" in terms of the story line.
I had a really creepy thought after watching this week's episode.
We know we are going to hear about Amanda's Mother.
Now, suddenly, Jack's Mother is mentioned.
Please God, they are not the same woman.

5.10.12, 4:02 PM
Oh no! I never thought of that. I certainly hope not!!!

5.10.12, 4:26 PM
I thought they did a good job making Jack and Nolan look younger.
Amanda, not so much.
I'm a little confused about the infinity tattoo.
I'm assuming she had it removed, since we've never seen it before.

5.10.12, 4:42 PM
I'm thinking if she had the tattoo removed, there is some kind of faint scar that will come into play later to prove her identity or give her identity away to either the Graysons or Jack.

5.10.12, 11:17 PM
How snotty is Victoria?
(To the hired help)
"Will you please take the Davis's bags and situate them in an ocean front room"
Situate them? :rolleyez:

5.11.12, 1:25 AM
I could never be a servant to the rich. Victoria would have those bags where the sun doesn't shine. :evilgrinu: Especially now when I'm in this PMS Perimenopausal state of mind. :upsideq:

5.11.12, 8:09 AM
Victoria would have those bags where the sun doesn't shine. :evilgrinu: ↑ One of the many reasons I love Kris :pinkyz:

5.17.12, 11:09 AM
Oh pass the tissues.
I pretty much knew Sammy was going to die, but it was still sad.
Apparently the writers have taken a bunch of crap for Sammy still being alive.
Which is kind of dumb, 9 or 10 is not ancient for a dog.
I mean, they do live that long and longer.
Anyway, on to Nolan.
Nolan is my favorite character on this show and I will cry foul if they kill him off.
And what is up with Nolan's Aunt mentioning Amanda's mother?
Are we supposed to think SHE is Amanda's mother?
I'm curious to see what we will get for a season finale cliffhanger next week.
If David Clark is still alive, Kris gets champagne breakfast in bed. :)

5.17.12, 12:57 PM
Taking a tissue from your box...

Oh my! Sammy dying was so sad. It was so touching how after all these years, he was still loyal to Amanda and that is where he wanted to be when he died. Jack broke my heart too. He really loved that dog.

And I agree, Nolan better not be dead!! And, the whole thing with Nolan's aunt is just weird. Is she Amanda's mom? If not, she's closely related I bet.

I'm still convinced that David Clark is alive. So, get that champagne ready. :winkq:

5.17.12, 1:29 PM
Oops, I was wrong.
Sammy would be a lot older than that.
It was the early 1990's when David Clark was arrested, as the time stamp on his prison video is 1994.
So it is pretty inconceivable that Sammy would still be alive.

5.17.12, 1:29 PM
Wow...this episode was a real doozy! I was teary eyed when Sammy died :( I was like "NOOO"... but Emily let her guard down and let Real Human Emotions come out when she kissed Jack. And NOOO...Nolan better not be dead! Certainly he's smart enough to know the White haired guy would follow him. Charlotte's in a heap o' trouble. I liked the Yonkers girl with Declan. Was LOL at the Grayson family therapy session...its all about Victoria&Conrad's fight, not about Charlotte & her problems. Has Daniel gone to the "dark side"? Or is he double crossing his Father?
This show really draws me in and has my head spinning.

5.17.12, 1:48 PM
And NOOO...Nolan better not be dead! Certainly he's smart enough to know the White haired guy would follow him.

Or...Takeda has been monitoring everything that is going on and will swoop in and go Jet Lee on the white haired guy.
I think Daniel has gone to the dark side.
As soon as he heard Conrad say that Grayson Global would be his, Daniel changed his tune on the family politics.
Which is fine with me, because that opens the door for Amanda and Jack.
Question: How long will it take Ashley to get her legs around Daniel once she tells Daniel about Emily and Jack's lip lock?
And wow, Nolan has the most pristine kitchen I have ever seen.
There is not ONE thing on his counters.