View Full Version : Hi.. anyone watching GH or Days now ?

5.2.12, 1:58 PM
I've been wondering if any of you have picked up a new soap since OLTL was killed ?
I've been watching GH for a while and just started kind of watching Days. Days is totally confusing.. but I'm started to connect the characters on GH.

Everything pretty good in my neck of the woods. I'm doing some work on my
house and property. Lots of $$$ but needed and looking good.

What are you all up to ?


5.2.12, 4:24 PM
I miss you ladies here! :( I watch Days. I have for many years. However, now that Soapnet has also bit the dust, I've not been watching for about a month. I need to catch up online I guess. I can help you if you have questions.

I'm doing well. Busy at work as our company is merging with a larger company. We have been told nothing will change per our jobs, but job descriptions will be adjusted. I'm hoping it all works out and to our benefit as well. We currently have lousy health insurance and I hear the new company has excellent benefits.

Sounds like your home is shaping up, Judy! It's always nice to put some TLC into a home. My mom had that done last year and it's absolutely beautiful. She has had more parties and gatherings in the past year than she has for the last 10.

Thanks for staying in touch!

Shout out to TinaMarina and Pink Flamingo!

5.5.12, 12:37 AM
Hi girls! I check in from time to time, but since I don't watch soaps anymore I don't have much to share. I do watch American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, and Once Upon A Time. No soaps anymore. I still miss OLTL!

I've been keeping busy with my house, job and doggie. That's about it for me.

Good to see you again! :)

5.23.12, 4:34 PM
I'm getting new windows installed. Good grief are they ever expensive :-(
I'm beginning to think this place is becoming the money pit.
I'm pretty well involved with GH now and Days is beginning to make more sense. I don't know if I'll stick with Days or not. I'll have grandkids all summer and one soap is hard to work in these busy summer days. I could
DVR and watch later.
Hope everyone is enjoying good weather and better health.

5.23.12, 9:57 PM
With American Idol and Revenge wrapping up tonight, my TV nights are over for the summer. I plan on catching up with Days online. I hate that I don't have a DVR to record it. I'm not a fan of watching things on my laptop, but oh well, gotta do watcha gotta do,

Good to hear from you Tina. I'm keeping busy too. Work is crazy, but things are finally falling into place with our merger. So far, so good for us as we all still have jobs.

I'm so looking forward to this 3-day weekend. I'm trying my hardest not to over extend myself...which I'm known to do on days off...sheesh! I do have a graduation party for my "niece". Megan is one of my best friend's daughter and has called me "Auntie" all her life. I have several kids like that in my life and love it. My mom is coming for the party and will stay the night with me, but that's it.

Take care ladies! Oh, have I mentioned that I really really really miss OLTL? :(