View Full Version : Speaking of False Ads

4.30.12, 10:49 AM

This is pretty funny. An ad agency came up with "truthful" advertising. LOL!

4.30.12, 3:54 PM
These are like the ads they wrote in "Crazy People".
And if you haven't seen that movie, you should.

4.30.12, 4:20 PM
These ads kind of remind me of the ads for prescription drugs, they have all this flowery music and voice overs talking about how good you'll feel with this drug, no more pain, depression etc., then comes the side effects. May cause severe anemia, heart palpitations, stroke and in some cases, death. Jeepers! I'd rather have my joint aches than worry about heart attacks, stroke and death.

4.30.12, 7:29 PM
I thought that movie was hilarious!

4.30.12, 10:26 PM
I have no idea why anyone takes some of the medications advertised on television.
Most of them, as Kris said, have a list of side effects a mile long and usually there is some blurb about "possibly fatal".
My doctor recommended two of those kind of meds as a "preventative measure".
I said hell no and got a new doctor.