View Full Version : Anyone else watch GRIMM?

4.28.12, 8:32 AM
I like the show. I espeially enjoy Nick's friend Monroe, the reformed Blubott(not sure about spelling). Does anyone else think Nick ought to tell the whole truth about his being a Grimm to Juliette, his girlfriend? Keeping secrets from her has put a strain on their relationship. I think Julliette could handle it. She has demonstrated more than once that she can hadle bad guys in a crisis. Nick already is a non-traditonal Grimm. There was never a Grimm who was a police detective before and there has certainly never been a Grimm who paired up and became best friends with a Blubott(again spelling) so a Grimm revealing his secret to an ordinary human isn't so strange.

What is going to happen with the police captian, Nick's boss, who is involved with the bad guys? Since the captain is just a normal human Nick's Grimm sense hasn't helped him here he has no idea his boss is working against him. This will all play out in the final three episodes.

I wonder if the show will be renewed for another season.

5.15.12, 9:24 AM
I saw previews for the next show, the season finale. It looks like what I hoped for will happen. It showed Nick telling his girlfiend Juliette about his being a Grim. That should shake things up a little. I hope it will abe renewed for next season.

5.15.12, 11:10 AM
Grimm has been renewed for a second season.