View Full Version : Nick and Chelsea

10.30.07, 4:06 PM
I don't know about anyone else but the scenes between Nick and Chelsea today were very good and touching to ME. It was nice to also see the love between Stephanie, Kayla and Steve. I'm sure that today was only a small glimpse into what used to be, good writing, acting and back to basics. Where the dialog brought you in and made you care.

Thank goodness Chelsea is nothing like she used to be other wise she would have left Nick to have dinner with Jett.

She really showed some sensitivety today and I like that.

10.30.07, 4:33 PM
I agree. So sad him saying goodbye to "his" kids. They both did a great job today. I also agree that the love shown between Steph, Patch and Kayla was great. Miss that kind of writing!

11.4.07, 2:26 AM
havent seen it yet (dvr) but I am really really really tired of the nick & chelsea story and kids to boot. I think cause I dont care for him too much.