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4.18.12, 5:19 PM
What a stupid episode this week.
Hey, ABC, just because you decided not to air the show for months,
we didn't need an ENTIRE episode of story recap to remember what happened. :rolleyez:

4.18.12, 5:24 PM
Oh no! I thought tonight's episode was going to be new.

4.18.12, 5:55 PM
It is Kris.
What I saw on Hulu was some lame thing ABC must have aired to attract new viewers.
It's called "From The Beginning" and is basically just a recap of what has happened so far.

4.18.12, 6:13 PM
Oh, ok. I saw that advertised, but didn't even bother to watch. I'm looking forward to tonight. Finally a new show.

4.19.12, 4:15 PM
I'm very confused by this latest episode.
I need to watch it again to figure out who that guy is that Victoria hooked up with and who the guy is that Emanda beat the crap out of at the end.
I hate it when shows take a long break and then come back with all kinds of new stuff that wasn't relevant in the weeks before.

4.19.12, 4:25 PM
Do you suppose the mystery man is David? It kind of looks like him from what I can remember from the flashbacks. It has never been proven that he is really dead of not and even so, you know how TV goes. At any rate, Victoria was very taken with this man and their "love time" was very passionate. Just makes me wonder if it's David. I may watch it again and pay more attention to their conversation to see if there are any clues.

4.19.12, 6:20 PM
Clever thought Kris, and you could be right about David Clark still being alive.
But this guy has a name (Dominic Wright) and he knows Victoria from her pre-Conrad days. (Hence calling her Vicky Harper).
If David Clark IS still alive, Revenge Season 2 may just be about Amanda Clark seeking revenge on her own, still very much alive, Dad.
Apparently, Victoria has had several torrid love affairs, of which David Clark was only one of.
More will be revealed.

4.19.12, 6:41 PM
I do have a feeling we are going to find out a lot more about Victoria as time goes on. Especially about her pre-Conrad days. I think her past is going to come back to haunt her in more ways than one.