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4.16.12, 5:42 PM
There is a young woman who plays in the community band with me, named Rachel. Rachel was raised Apostolic and her family is very strict with her. Anyway, last Fall, when our band gathered again after Summer break, I noticed that Rachel was pregnant. Since this religion doesn't wear jewelry, I wasn't sure if she was married or not. I talked to her at one rehearsal and she told me she was having a boy in January, but never said another word about it. When we gathered again in late Jan., after Winter break, Rachael had obviously had her baby. But, she said nothing about him. I wondered if perhaps she had given him up for adoption because of her family's religious issues. And to me, Rachel just looked so sad. I wanted to talk to her about it, but didn't want to intrude on her privacy as I could tell, it was a very sensitive subject for her.

Well, today, I had a private message from Rachel on facebook and she told me that she was tired of hiding her "sin" and wanted the world to know what a beautiful baby boy she had in January. BUT, she went on to say that sadly, Jediah, died just hours after his birth due to complications from delivery.

As she talked about her baby boy, I could hear the pain in her words and she said that she's ready to talk about it and deal with her mistakes and she feels the only way she can properly heal is to face it and not sweep it under the rug as her parents want her to do.

Please pray for this young woman as she grieves the loss of her son. She is not married and is in a relationship with the baby's father which is frowned upon by her parents as he's not of "their faith". This little gal is so lost right now. She's hurting and reaching out for help. My heart just breaks for her. She is an adult, she's in her early 20's and is able to make her own decisions, but to look at her, you would think she is around 15, and I know the pressure she is receiving from her parents is more than she can handle right now.

4.16.12, 5:52 PM
Blessings to Rachel.
I'm glad she noticed that you were an understanding person, Kris, and reached out to you.
I will continue to hope and pray that she heals from this loss and finds her way to a happier place in life.

4.16.12, 6:58 PM
Poor thing! I agree with mtj, she reached out to the right person. You, Kris, will be able to show her what her strict religion doesn't - forgiveness and love. I will never understand these strict, cult-like religions that follow their own rules and not the Lord's. I will pray for Rachel and her lost baby.

4.16.12, 9:54 PM
I will be keeping her in my prayers. What a horrible situation. So sad. I'm so glad she was able to realize she could confide in you.

4.17.12, 12:23 PM
My prayers go out to her! I hope she finds the strength and courage to step away from the parents and the religion that treat her so badly. I hope she is able to start over and be happy again at some point.

4.17.12, 7:19 PM
Wow, that sounds like a really horrible situation to be in. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. And I'll agree with the others, she is lucky to have found you.

4.18.12, 5:01 PM
Thank you all for the kind words. After I talked to Rachel last Fall when I noticed she was pregnant, she took interest in me. Rachel is shy by nature and doesn't ever say much at rehearsal. She's been playing in this group since she was 13, so I've seen her grow up.

The past few months after she had and lost the baby, I would notice her looking at me from her spot (we sit across from each other) and she would smile. Everything in me wanted to go ask about the baby and I'm glad that I didn't and let her come to me. It was a God-thing I believe that she was the one to make contact and I cannot wait to reach out and be a friend to her. She's been so heavy on my heart since last Fall. I've assured her that I hold no judgement on her and that she has nothing to be ashamed of. We'll see where it goes from here, but I want her to know that she has me to talk to and to confide in at anytime.

Thanks so much for your prayers. This is my heart and what I love to do for people. I may not always have the answers, but I'm a very good listener and have a nice shoulder to cry on...believe me, I've had soggy shoulders from many...LOL!

4.18.12, 5:20 PM
Definitely a God thing Kris.

4.18.12, 6:56 PM
You are such a wonderful person Kris!