View Full Version : Who Is Lucas' Real Father?

10.29.07, 11:02 PM
I have forgotten.:blush2ey:

10.29.07, 11:36 PM
Bill Horton.... Tom and Alice's boy.... at least for now... who knows what the wind will blow in....

10.30.07, 2:58 PM
I read somewhere that Lucas might be Stefano's son.

10.30.07, 3:00 PM
OMG!!!!!! Migsly I HOPE that is NOT true. I've never heard that but good Gawd never let that be true.

10.30.07, 3:34 PM
No there was DNA (yeah I know Days is not exactly the real world) but he is Bill's son

11.2.07, 10:07 PM
That thought has crossed my mind as well. Since Kate was "working" for Stefano, perhaps Lucas is his son, and that could explain why baby John might appear to be EJ's son, but he might be Lucas's because of the Dimera DNA. Stranger things have happened... and then THAT would end the "vendetta" since a Brady married a Dimera (except he doesn't know he's a Dimera).

I would hate that scenario, but it's definitely crossed my mind.

1.5.08, 6:54 PM
I am not sure,,but I do not beleive there was any DNA evidence.WE do know Kate was having an affair with Bill.and she told Lucas and the Horton family that he was Bill's.I contend that KAte's obessive actions toward Lucas,,her contant meddling and butting in is for a reason.I think he is Stefano's son and Kate is terrified,and has been hiding it all these years..hence Lucas evil streak..plus she made a point the other day to Lucas that is a Dimera wanted a known child f their's that they would get it.I contend that Lucas is NOT a Horton and is a Dimera..thus also making the DNA testing on the twins tricky as Ej and Lucas would be half brothers..jmo mind you..but even Bryan has said he would like to be a Dimera..guess we will see

1.11.08, 11:22 AM
I also think that Lucas is a Di Mera, if he is I can see the fireworks now between him & EJ. Stefano wants Sami married to a Di Mera, well if Lucas is a Di Mera, she will divorce EJ to marry Lucas.

1.11.08, 1:07 PM
OMG!!! Lucas a DiMera??? NO no no ....he is Alice's grandson..don't take that away from her....

1.11.08, 1:18 PM
Let's talk about Alice, she is the one that will be hurting Alice for making her believe that Lucas is her grandchild. I think Alice will angry that Kate lied to her. But that still won't stop her from loving Lucas.

1.11.08, 8:55 PM
I would love Lucas to be a DiMera! However I would like him to be Tony's instead of Stefanos. Always liked the chemistry between Lucas and Tony when he used to work for him. It was hinted earlier that Kate knew Tony years before. Stefano has to many kids and Tony doesn't have any.

Just Samantha
1.19.08, 9:08 PM
I always thought it would've been a great storyline that Sami was Stefano's child. You know how Days likes to rewrite history. They could've had Samantha (Marlena's twin) selling her eggs to make money back in the day and Stefano had one fertilized with his "stuff" and implanted into Marlena, except that she was already pregnant with Eric. No one would question her having twins because she was a twin. That would've been a great way to explain Sami's evil streak!

1.20.08, 2:29 PM
Oooooo Just Samantha...that is one helluva story...shocking..twisted...pure evil....and when you really think about it...it would be disgusting..lol..Sami and E.J.....brother and sister...lol If E.J. wasn't Stefano's son, that story could work...

Just Samantha
1.20.08, 9:23 PM
Just imagine Sami as Stefano's daughter. He'd finally have a child "worthy" of his evilness! Sami could go back to her evil doing ways. And since Days likes to rewrite history, E.J. could turn out to be some imposter instead of the the real "Little Elvis", who would be blissfully living with Susan and Edmund (and his rightful age of about 10 or 12!!), somewhere in England.

Imagine Sami's meltdown at finding out she was Samantha and Stefano's daughter instead of Marlena and Roman's. Instead of having Eric, Carrie, Belle, Rex, Cassie and the late little D.J. as her siblings, she'd have Tony (sort of), Lexie, Little Elvis and the late Renee, Megan and Benjy as her sibs.

(for those not familiar, Stefano had another daughter, Megan Hathaway, who was in love with Bo and hated Hope. She rigged a hot tub so that Hope would be electrocuted, but got into an argument with someone (Larry Welch, I think) and fell into the electrified hot tub herself and died. She had convinced Bo that she had had his baby right after graduation, but it was a lie. She bought a baby from a hooker and presented him to Bo as his son. It was all found out and the hooker mended her ways and was reunited with her son. Coincidentally, the little boys name: Zack!)

1.21.08, 11:37 PM
I remember Meagan, but I don't remember the story with Bo and Larry. I couldn't stand Larry. I remember when he told Hope she had to make Bo believe she was no longer inlove with him or he would kill Bo. Bo was in the hospital and Hope was crying the whole time and telling Bo to stay away from her. I cried the whole time too. I've never cried so much watching any other soap outside of Days.

Anyway, didn't the writers know about Bo's fantasy child being named Zach? What an oversight.

Just Samantha
1.25.08, 8:21 PM
You'd think they'd have some sort of "story bible" to consult before writing things.

1.30.08, 8:25 AM
I read somewhere that Lucas might be Stefano's son.
You might be right,because if you recall that many years ago when kate slept with Sefano many times he might have slipped one by the goalie.Lucas could very well be Stefano's son

Linda J.
1.30.08, 6:02 PM
Bill Horton is suppose to be Lucas Dad.

2.7.08, 11:07 PM
I guess this means that if Jennifer and Jack got divorced, that Jennifer and Lucas could hook up since they would no longer be siblings...they didn't grow up with each other...thought they were siblings for a while...found out they weren't...so does I guess it would mean that would be ok???

2.9.08, 12:02 AM
I hadn't even thought about the DNA similarities in brothers! I'll bet that is where they are going with this eventually.

2.9.08, 11:25 AM
Who knows, with DAYS Lucas' paternity could change frequently.

2.9.08, 3:50 PM
I'm just waiting for Roman to turn up as Lucas' father --- they would all be freaked out over Allie's parents being siblings, and then we'll find out that EJ is the father of Allie --- I wouldn't be surprised at any storyline of Lucas' paternity.