View Full Version : Got Diagnosed After Spinal Fusion Surgery

10.29.07, 6:23 PM
I wasn't told that this was the reason that I got Lupus SLE but I suspect the trauma of this surgery is what brought it on. No one in my family has Lupus SLE and I was fine up until I had this surgery. Anyone else had a similar story?

10.30.07, 6:18 PM
Hi there!
Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I don't think the surgery itself caused you to develop lupus, rather the stress you encountered during the surgery.
Stress, whether psychial or emoitional, can cause the lupus to come out. So don't beat yourself up over it. I'm pretty sure the lupus would have flared up sooner or later...that's what happened to me!

8.26.09, 11:04 AM
I was diagnosed with lupus sle after I had my spinal fusion surgery back in 1999. I believe I was told by the doctor it was due to trauma on the body caused by the spinal fusion operation.