View Full Version : Starr's Debut on GH

2.26.12, 12:17 PM
Did you all catch Starr & Cole on GH Friday? It was so good to see Kristen Alderson as it brought back a little bit of OLTL. Looks like there is a bad accident, I'm wondering what happens to Cole and Hope. Blair will debut this coming week, shortly followed by Todd. McBain shows up in March. Yay!

2.28.12, 7:33 PM
Well.. I sure didn't expect this. Apparently Cole and Hope died in the flaming explosion. I'm wondering if Starr will become involved with Michael since he seems to feel so guilty. This sl will be interesting.. looks like Todd will be coming after Anthony. Was nice to see the previews today. Blair, John and Todd !

2.29.12, 12:39 AM
I just hate it that Hope died too. I'm thinking she'll be paired with Michael.