View Full Version : Don't think any of us are coming here anymore

2.23.12, 11:22 PM
sorry..it's been so long. I think we all get hooked on facebook, etc, that we forget about this place. How's everyone doing? Hubby and I Have been sick. Me with bronchitis and Terry with pneumonia. He's not in the hospital..just on his second round of antibiotics. Got a granddaughter that turned one year old Feb. 2. This past year has flown by! And a grandson that turned 14 Feb. 17. Hoping everyone is doing well.

2.24.12, 7:33 PM
Aww...sorry to hear you've been sick. Knock on wood, I've been well this winter so far, I think because its been so mild, we've had very little snow and temps this past week in the 50s. They said on the news that Flu outbreaks are very small this year.
I'm not on Facebook, but everyone else in the family is, so I feel like I'm missing out on things, all their photos & news are on Facebook and I'm 'out of the loop"...gads, I'm such an "oldster", modern technology drives me crazy :)
I bet your grandbaby is a cutie, I'm still waiting for grandchildren...my girls dont seem to be interested in babies, Sigh~~

2.29.12, 12:35 AM
Oh..you can figure out facebook..if I can anyone can. It's not hard. Passion..I can't remember do you post on American Idol? I loved the guys tonight!!! Overall...they all did great.

P.S. Getting better...just some drainage in the back of the throat my husband and I can't seem to get rid of. And from others that have had this mess...it's dragging on for weeks.