View Full Version : LOL !!

2.21.12, 2:35 PM
I am enjoying THE REVOLUTION's ratings stink ! About half the
audience OLTL.. Love it !

2.21.12, 4:46 PM
Oh Goody Goody Gumdrops! This makes me happy! I wish the networks could see that soap operas have been a staple of daytime TV for decades. So, it costs more to produce, but it's much better viewing than those stupid reality/talk show type of garbage that saturate TV these days.

I really really miss OLTL!

2.23.12, 11:00 AM
Me, too ! I'm kind of getting into Gen Hospital, but it may be in trouble, too.
I've looked at DAYS a few times, but it hasn't really got me interested. I would like to find a soap that is going to be around. I hate to get invested
in another that is going to get the ax.

2.23.12, 1:22 PM
I think Y&R is safe. I've watched it off and on for years, but need to brush up on who is who in Genoa City. This may be the show I catch up on during the summer when all my evening shows are on hiatus. That's if SoapNet is still on... I hear it's going to because a Disney Channel... ugh!

2.25.12, 8:03 PM
Cool! OLTL'ers banding together and taking a stand. LOVE IT!!! I miss the show and I miss talking to you guys. :(